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Weight Loss Solution Pack

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Weight Loss Pack

A 30-day supply of everything you need in order to see maximum "body shaping" results. Contains four (15-serving) NeoLifeShake pouches and one (30-serving) box of Pro Vitality.


Pro Vitality





NeoLife Shake is designed to fuel your body with lean protein, over 25 vitamins and minerals, and fiber. Made of our proprietary protein blend and based on the science of Glycemic Response Control Technology, these shakes help minimize fat storage and maximize fat burning.*

Pro Vitality+ supports abundant energy, antioxidant protection, heart health, immune strength, brain function, healthy joints, clear vision, and youthful skin, hair & nails.*



Simply mix two level scoops in 8 fl. oz. ice cold water in a shaker or blender. Blend in a few ice cubes for an even thicker, frothier drink. Can also be mixed in milk. Use as a meal replacement to lose weight and for weight management, or for delicious and healthy nutrition everyday.

15 servings per pouch.

Pro Vitality:

Take 1 packet daily with a meal. 30 packets per box.

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