LDC® Cleaner Full Instructions

GENERAL CLEANING: Start with 1 part LDC and 5 parts water. This ratio may need to be increased depending on water hardness and degree of soil. Begin with 1 part LDC and 3 parts water in hard water locations. Store mix in squirt bottle.

IN THE KITCHEN: Small amount of mix on wet sponge for kitchen surfaces. Just a short squirt cleans a sink full of dishes, pots and pans, glassware, flatware, and ceramics.

IN THE LAUNDRY: For hand-washing delicate fabrics, synthetics, knitwear and woolens, linen and fine cottons use 1/2 capful of LDC in sinkful of cool water. Agitate and work gently through fabric. Rinse twice and allow to air dry. Pre-treat spots and stains with LDC and then do laundry as normal. Excellent for wash and wear fabrics.

AROUND THE HOME: Small amount of mix on wet sponge for walls, woodwork, vinyl, formica, appliances, bathroom fixtures, and tile. For windows and mirrors just a few drops per 16 fl oz/500 ml of water.

IN THE WORKSHOP: Automobiles, boats, awnings, outdoor furniture: dilute 1 part mix with 10 parts water (2 fl oz per gal/16 ml per L) in a bucket. For greasy hands, put a few drops on wet hands, rub together and rinse off.


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