4 Tips For Managing Ear Health

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Ear health is an area of physical upkeep that is often overlooked until it's too late. Many of us exercise bad habits when trying to keep our ears clean, and each of us is guilty of blasting the music a bit too loud every now and then. Maintaining the ears takes a conscious effort throughout life. Incorporate these little hacks into your everyday routine to keep your hearing at its best.

Manage Your Exposure to Loud Noises

Noise-induced hearing loss is very common. When in an exceptionally loud environment, take care of the ears by using earplugs. Additionally, take care when using earbuds and headphones. Earbuds are placed very close to the eardrum, so it's important not to overstimulate the area with loud audio feed. Try to keep volumes directed at the ear to no more than 60 percent. We all love a good concert now and then, but in your daily life, try not to listen to excessively loud music. If you need to shout to have a conversation, you could be causing severe damage to the ear.

Take the Right Vitamins

The best vitamins for ear health are C, B12, and D. Vitamin C is a natural antioxidant, which prevents damage to the hair cells in the ear. This fights off infection and can prevent noise damage. Studies have shown that low levels of B12 can lead to tinnitus and hearing loss, making it a crucial vitamin, as well. Finally, vitamin D benefits the bones in of the ear, preventing bone loss and abnormal bone growth.

Eustachian Ear Exercises

These are essentially fancy terms for swallowing and yawning. When we complete these motions, the Eustachian tube system in our ears is exercised, equalizing the air pressure behind the eardrums. This prevents pain and buildup and allows air to flow from the nose through the Eustachian tubes, keeping them open and clear and unobstructed of fluids in the ear.

Don't Use Cotton Swabs

Though tempting, never use cotton swabs to remove ear wax. You need to understand how the ear gets stuff out of it naturally, and wax is crucial for that. New wax pushes the older bits out of the canal, where they typically dry and flake off on their own. If blockage occurs, use peroxide or natural drops to remove the build-up.

These are just a few tips for managing your ear health and hearing. Make the effort now to prevent regret later.

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